Gunn Oscillator Test Jig

MRA – 6 Z is an electronic distance measuring instrument with the accuracy of a few centimeters and a range performance of up to seventy kilometers. The development drew heavily from the air interface of its predecessor, MRA 6 which was first sold thirty years ago. The design now incorporates modern signal processing techniques including the de-modulation of the receive signal in a field programmable gata-ray. The work was done in collaboration with and for Tellumat. Tellumat have a history in distance measuring stretching right back to Plessey and Instrumentation Manufacturers of South Africa. The Tellurometer is a Trevor Wadley invention, he worked for the C.S.I.R.

Trevor Wadley

Image from: Smith J. R., Sturman B., Wright A. F 2008 The Tellurometer: From Dr. Wadley to the MRA 7. Cape Town: Tellumat (Pty) Ltd

Telecomunications Circuit Board

Gunn Oscillator Test Jig

Most test jigs stabilize at around 3°C, this one does it at 0.5°C.

Gunn Oscilator Test Jig

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FireTracker consists of a group of units assisting in the efficient management of wildfire related operations.

Fire Tracker

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