Silas Valley Innovations

We are a telecommunications and project management company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

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An Overview of Silas Valley Innovations
Stability and long term sustainability
Developing DSP solutions and utilizing modern integrated circuits with a focus on maintaining high standards of stability and long term sustainability.
Project Management:
A "clean site" policy
Dedicating time and care to ensure the maintenance of a clean site throughout construction in order to eliminate disruptions in your work or living space.
Concept to complete design package
Catering to simple or complex solutions from DC to microwave frequency for production in low or high volumes by companies in the Cape Town area.

Silas Valley specializes in the development of intellectual property for integration into electronic products. Silas Valley includes contract work as part of our commercial portfolio.

Our activities include hardware and software development. Our main focus is digital signal processing applications for implementation onto FPGAs and microprocessors. Our interests and skills include, but are not limited to: telecommunications, wireless applications, electronic circuit power management and control systems.

Products produced by Silas Valley may contain complex hardware and operate at frequencies from DC to microwave. Such products will be integrated and packaged effectively for optimal results. We are capable of producing a complete solution from a concept to production pack.

Telecomunications Circuit Board

Gunn Oscillator Test Jig

Most test jigs stabilize at around 3°C, this one does it at 0.5°C.

Gunn Oscilator Test Jig

Read more about the Gunn Oscillator Test Jig


Working together with Tellumat for over three years to produce a stable and reliable product for the international market.

Tellurometer MRA 6 Z

Read more about the MRA6 Z


FireTracker consists of a group of units assisting in the efficient management of wildfire related operations.

Fire Tracker

Read more about FireTracker

Project Management

Silas Valley is involved in the refurbishment and construction of control rooms and various other project management based developments.

Our project management sector provides solutions for the housing and protection of radio communication products. We are involved in the construction and refurbishment of residential structures.

Project Managment

Maintaining a "Clean Site"

The project management team within Silas Valley Innovations strives to minimise disruptions to your day during constructions.

Attention to Detail

Completing every project with the peace of mind that Silas Valley Innovations can provide.


Silas Valley Innovations provides employment to our staff with the goal of improving quality of life as well as contributing to the South African economy.

Technology Through Creativity

Welcome to Technology Through Creativity

This is a space where our employees are able to upload written works for the benefit of sharing information and receiving comments.
Create krē-āt' , v.t.
to bring into being by force ofImagination

Heinrich du Toit

The FPGA Clock

Heinrich du Toit

In my few years working as an electronics engineer the majority of my time has been spent writing VHDL code for FPGA designs. Therefore I that feel I am in the position to write some comments on the topic.

There are many topics regarding FPGA design that I would like to discuss but this article will focus on the simple concept of the clock.

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Heinrich du Toit

Education Through Sustainability

Philip Robertson

It may be said that the human race is in a state of crisis and has been forced to change as a result of this crisis. Education involves many practises of learning by means of failure and as science is an art of compromise, failure of past generations have allowed for the restrictions to become known.

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