Gunn Oscillator Test Jig

Gunn Oscillators are seldom tuned linearly and also display non-linear effects with change in temperature. The Gunn Oscillator Test Jig uses liquid co2 to cool the gunn oscillator and a thermal heater to warm it up. During the temperature cycling process, the veractor of the gunn is swept with a varying voltage and during this process both the frequency and upper power are measured. The data file generated from this process is processed in a semi-automatic manner so that the test technician can determine whether the device meets the requirements for that component. When these tests are done manually, the technician can spend more than half a day gathering data. This is tedious, inefficient and very boring. The implementation of this jig incorporates three main components:

A custom, mechanical trolley
A printed circuit board, with firmware
A PC loaded with control and logging software.

The development incorporated a full data pack. The customer may take responsibility for maintaining the capabilities, if they so wish.

Telecomunications Circuit Board


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