FireTracker consists of a group of units which synchronize with one another to assist in the efficient management of wildfire related operations. Although the FireTracker package is designed specifically for wildfire operations, it can be developed into many other fields of team management.

FireTracker's main objectives are:

To monitor the position of human resources
To direct persons to specified locations
To act as a tool for safety

FireTracker will provide functionality that will compile data to create detailed charts on the fire's behavior and will be able to map the fire's progress automatically using GIS software.

The proposed FireTracker solution is a collection of devices that, when operating together, are able to help and guide fire fighters while they are in the field.

The solution will consist of the following devices:

Base Station
Team Leader Device
Personnel Device
Optional mobile device

Each of these units communicates with one another to draw an accurate map of where each member is located, their status and the position of the fire.

Telecomunications Circuit Board


Working together with Tellumat for over three years to produce a stable and reliable product for the international market.

Tellurometer MRA 6 Z

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Gunn Oscillator Test Jig

Most test jigs stabilize at around 3°C, this one does it at 0.5°C.

Gunn Oscilator Test Jig

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